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WebShop 0.9C - This is the latest version with improved security

 + A secure environment

 + A clean, tidy, understandable and easy to edit config.

 + Compatibility with both 2db and 6db mu versions

 + Login and Logout system (md5 and non md5)

 + Warehouse viewer, detailed item information

 + Clear but nice interface

 + Reset shop

 + Stats shop

 + Change class shop

 + Item thumbnails (can be turned on/off)

 + Item list

 + Vip User subscriptions

 + Item creator

 + Item remover

 + Language system

 + Item Settings -> Free Space Locator -> Item Adding

 + Item administration (full)

 + BuyLog for the administrator + search function

 + User credit Administration (adder/remover/viewer)

 + Zen Casino

 + Zen Shop

 + Vip Server subscriptions, prune expired for admins

 + Vip User subscriptions + vip levels

 + Credit Casino

 + Administrator item trackdown - search by serial

 + Buy character's freedom (unban for credits)

 + List of the top credited accounts

 + Item Table [WebShop] export

 + Item resell function (Refund)

 + Global announcement for credits (Shoutout to Sandbird)

 + IpBlock System (all four (ipv4) class support)

 + Character name change

 + Guild mark change + preview

 + User vault viewer (admin)

 + Multiple Items adder+manager (groups)

 + User feedback

***How to install WebShop: HEAR

LINK 1: Download
LINK 2: Download

- Savoy

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Any previews or screenshots?

Re: WebShop 0.9C

you have item maker in your server where you can put 5 socket?

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i am asking the same question like cades

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It never occurred to me that it might be interpreted to mean something.