Topic: Starred MU | x500 Dynamic | No Webshop | Antihack | 3D | Opening 7 AUG

Opening Times: 16:00 London, 18:00 Moscow, 23:00 Philippines, 11:00 New York

Who we are

Starred MU Online - Private server for international audience. 2 different worlds: x30 and x500 for each taste. Created and maintained by proffessional developers with a passion for Mu Online. Here you will have the best content on the top of the best hardware. Using Premium Xteam Season 12 mu online server files. Project is young and planned to run longterm. Quality game play and high level support guaranteed. One of the main values is web item shop NOT used in our project. We are open 24 / 7 / 365. Project is focused on the English speaking audience but we accept players from all over the world!

The economy is built on the basic currencies - Credits and Wcoins. Credits are worth the same amount of Wcoins and you can exchange them when ever you want for free. Credits are used for website features but Wcoins can be spent in game Cashshop (X). You can earn Credits and Wcoins in variety of ways - by inviting friends with referral system, by vote reward, online hours, deals on the market, reset and grand reset rewards, participating in events, reaching your place in various top lists and of course by donating. Speaking about donations, it’s worth mentioning that it does not play a decisive role in the gameplay. If you are an active player, you will be able to quickly catch your donator opponents (and if you’re skilled, you’ll be able to achieve superiority over them!). Apart from Wcoins as a barter currency, Zen, Ruud and Jewels can be used. Zen is required mainly for technical services, as upgrading items, crafting, buying potions, making resets etc. however despite of that it has a certain value. Jewels are also used in the game as a trading currency, directly making transactions with other players. For that, we advice you to use offstore, as you can easily sell your items while being offline. You can find more information related to economics and other useful things to be informed in our Community Support Forum.

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GAME FAQ (Guides & Tutorials): … tutorials/

General Information

Version: Season 12 Full
Regular Experience: 500x
Master Exeperience: 100x
Max Regular Level: 400
Max Master Level: 500
Monster Item Drop: 30%
Max Stats per 1 Characteristic: 20000
Max Stats Total: 55000 / 57000
Points Per Level: 5/7
Web Item Shop: OFF
Grand Resets: ON
In-Game X Shop: ON
Offattack / Offleveling: ON
View of 3D Camera: ON
Antihack / Anticheat: ON
Low Performance Mode: F9 to ON / OFF

Dynamic Experience

1 to 15 reset experience: 500x (100%)
16 to 30 reset experience: 400x (80%)
31 to 45 reset experience: 300x (60%)
46 to 60 reset experience: 200x (40%)
61 to 75 reset experience: 100x (20%)
76 to 80 reset experience: 50x (10%)

Reset, Grand Reset Information

Level: 400
Price: 2kk Zen x Res Count
Free stat Points BK, SM, ELF, SUM: 500
Free stat points MG, DL, RF, GL: 525
Credits Reward: 20
Max Reset Count: 80
Grand Reset From: 80 Resets
Grand Reset Limit: 5
Grand Reset Stats: Clear
Grand Reset Stat Points: 3000 * Count
Grand Reset Reward: 5000 Credits

Server Gameplay Features

Party between Gens D and V Allowed
Party Builds: Bronze, Silver, Gold
Non PvP Maps: Lost Tower 1 - 7, Karutan
Battle Maps: Aida 1 - 2, Kanturu 1 - 3, Vulcanus
Battle Maps Experience Increased +30%
Battle Maps Excellent Item Drop Increased 2x
Minimap (TAB) to see Spot Locations
Shadow Phantom Max Level: 300
MuHelper Minimal use Level: 10
Guild Create Minimal Level: 300
Monsters and Bosses Power Adjusted
Monsters Count per Spot: 5 - 8
Spots in all Maps except Arena
Cash Shop is Balanced, No high Exp Boosts
Get 5 Goblin Points every 10 minutes Online
Item Wear Level Requirements are Removed
Store and Offstore Sell Items for Wcoins
Attack and Offattack Level up while Offline
Pack and Unpack Jewels with Custom Commands
New Sets: BloodAngel, DarkAngel, HolyAngel

Much more information find on website and community forum


Re: Starred MU | x500 Dynamic | No Webshop | Antihack | 3D | Opening 7 AUG

welcome let's go

Re: Starred MU | x500 Dynamic | No Webshop | Antihack | 3D | Opening 7 AUG

welcome let's go

Re: Starred MU | x500 Dynamic | No Webshop | Antihack | 3D | Opening 7 AUG

Server is just opened! Welcome!