OFFICIAL START 20.10.2017 - 18:00H GMT+1

Dark Mu :: Server Information

Server Version:    Season II

Experience & Items drop rate:150x & 60 %

Webshop: Yes - Only  Items  from Box +3 - MAX. 2 EXE options 

Party EXP and Gold Party Exp: 300 ~ 350

Limited Stats for every class

Bless Bug:    Off

Monsters HP:100%

Soul success rate & Soul success rate with Luck:    50% & 65 %

Life Success Rate:70%

Chaos Machine Success Rates +10 ; +11 ; +12 ; +13: 90% ; 85% ; 75% ;70%

Wings 1 lvl:100%

Wings 2 lvl:75%

Dark Horse Mix :75%

Dark Raven Mix    75%

Maximum Item Level & Option:+13 & +28

Points Per Level (Normal):5

Points Per Level (Magic Gladiator & Dark Lord):7

Points Per Level (After Marlon Quest):6

Guild Create Level:5 resets & 180 levels

Reset Level:400

Maximum Level:400

Maximum Resets:40

Maximum Grand Resets:No Limit

Zen For Reset:50,000,000

Zen & Level For Grand Reset:,1000,000,000 & 400

PK Clear Zen:50,000,000

Clear Inventroy:Yes

Clear Skills:Yes

Clear Stats:Yes

Clear Class:Yes

Jewel of Harmony Option:Disabled (for better pvp balance)

Chaos Card: FIXED

Stats BK:    450 -> 550+GR

Stats SM:    650 -> 750+GR

Stats ELF: 700 -> 800+GR

Stats MG: 535 -> 635 + GR

Stats DL:    460 -> 560 + GR (Restart Command - Bonus Points Per Reset)

Dark Mu:: Events Information

Blood Castle

Devil Square

Chaos Castle

Golden Dragon Invasion



Castle Siege

Skeleton King Attack

White Wizard Attack

Happy Hour Event

Boss System - Reload every 6 Hours

Dark Mu:: Vip System Information

Receive info about VIP System    /vipinfo

Buy your VIP State (with cashpoints - 6000)    /buyvip

VIP System giving +50exp and +10% drop

Dark Mu:: Custom Features

Market System

Web Vault

Web Merchant

Grand Reset System + 100 points per reset - 1 GR = 40 resets.Prize 1500 credits

Cash Shop ( X Button)

VIP System

Ancient Drop on all maps - (HOT)

Exe.Drop in the Hunt Zone - (HOT)

BOSS SYSTEM - Arena,Crywolf,Icarus2 - (HOT)

3d camera - (HOT)

380 Level Items - on 1 level - (HOT)

Added new auto clicker + akf mode and window mode- (HOT)

Dark Mu:: Custom Quest

Command: /questinfo (what i need to kill)

Price: items and jewels

// Lorencia NPC - 130 117 (Guard The Helper)

// Noria NPC - 168    118 (Guard The Helper)

Dark Mu:: Videos

About us:

Welcome to our classic server.The idea of our server is to recreate the classic gameplay of the game back in 2003.The game is settled like that , the players have to groom their own chars, to build theirs stats correctly and gather their items , in order to win against their enemies , whether they are bosses or just ordinary players. Dark Mu Team created a server which is well balanced and organised with all equal class PvP ,and whether donators or not each player have a chance to win against each other. Enjoy in DarkMu!