Topic: Legacy Mu, the server you've been looking for

Hello my fellow gamers !

So today i bring you a project in wich im involved myself as a developer. THIS IS THE MU ONLINE SERVER YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR.
How do i know this? Well, i've been a mu online player myself since the game released. I know exactly what we, as players, hate in a server
and what do we love. So this is focused on doing what we love

and what is it that we love?

- We are focused on making it a true play 2 win server, meaning no op donators, this will never change.

- We have a solid server with no bugs, downtimes or wipes, it will be a long term server in wich you will have to always continue
playing to make progress on one of the latest season that include some great and fun changes to the game, season 9 ep 2.

- We are focused on making it a PvE progress based game. Wich means that you will have to kill bosses and event monsters, with a party,
or hunting them as a guild in order to make progress with your char, you will need soul barrier, ee buff, bk energy, etc. These bosses will be
the only way for you to get medium-high quality gear and some other extra cool stuff.

- To encourage you to keep active, being social, roam around the maps and overall for you to have a better and more fun experience. There are hidden
spots in EVERY MAP, wich will change location from time to time, meaning that you will have to find these spots and share it with your friends. So go hunt for
that op spot that you've been looking for.

- In order to keep players active, these bosses will be deployed on a monthly basis, and they will get harder everytime with a better drop. So in order to
become better you will have to continue leveling, playing, trading ,etc, so eventually you get to kill the current month's boss.

- Professional staff based on communication. Not only do we have the coding and social skills. We know that you as a player, know this game a lot. So we
will always be online to listen to your reports and complains, this way we can keep evolving into a better gaming experience.

Stop looking for that server that will bring you back that fun mu online feeling when instead you just get another dispointment. Dont waste your time anymore
join us, help us grow, invite your friends over. I myself, will be online most of the day reading what you have to say, what you can recommend and when im not online,
another staff member will be.

Join us at :

Re: Legacy Mu, the server you've been looking for

After 1 week of beta testing, we are launching this october 21st with a much better world and the best and most fun gameplay sensation out there. Don't miss it! Join us this saturday and get a real mu online, long term, unique experience