Topic: MU ZenCity | Online Continent of Legend

MU ZenCity | Online Continent of Legend
NoticesApril 26, 2013
Server Version: Season II Full
Server Host: Dedicated Server 24/7
Server Antihack:TDA Gameguard
Game Experience: 85x
Drop Rate: 90%
Monster HP: 100%
Max Character Level: 400
Max Items Level: +13+28
Quest Guard added (Lorencia X=139 Y=139)
Drop Box/BossBox of Kundun + 5:
Dragon, Legendary, Guardian & Light Plate.EXC: Divine Weapons EXCEXC: Aqua Crossbow, Blue Wing Crossbow, Resurrection Staff, MasterScepter, Crystal Morning Star, Bill of Barlog.
Nightmare Drops [NON EXC]:
Dragon Knight SET, Venom Set, Sylphd SET, Sunlight SET.

Kundun Drops: Ancient Items +
NON EXC: Weapons:Explosion Blade, Bone Blade, Solay Scepter, Sylphd Wind Bow, Grand Viper Staff.

Maya Hands drop[EXC]:
Aschrow SET, Eclipse SET, Iris Set, Valiant SET, Glorius SET.

Blood Castle Reward:
Jewel of Creation
Chaos Castle Reward +3 +4
:Feather (wings lvl 2)