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I apologize for posting here if somehow it is not good where I posted here or not allowed to talk about something like so .... Got a REQUEST can someone help me if I and a friend tried to make a mu online server and managed call that nite we did not find problems to solve and I looked everywhere and I found almost as Maybe get rid of them .. here we have one chance to give us a helping hand, let's go straight to a problem or can not find how to do it fisieru chimbam name to items that we look for their names in another language 2 We can not set the mobile arena spots appear in one place popping up everywhere and come out and walks over tot.3 if somehow there is a possibility stuffing monsters on the maps are not forced to get four spots are to appear as monsters in one place not to walk. I hope I can help or know someone who directed me to another web site where to find the answers and I do not where to search site. Thank you so much and I hope someone help me apologize for my English Standby mail if not perfect if someone can help me with the best guid. tx

Re: Help me any 1 pless

Sorry mate but really couldn't understand what are you asking. Just post the questions, please.