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Topic: Agility Bug_Hack by using CheatEngine 5.3

This hack will only work with your Agility. You can try it with Strenght, Vitality and Energy aswell but it won't do any effect (other then showing that you have 32767 stats f.e.).

What we need for this:
- Download  CheatEngine 5.3 Link: http://www.turboupload.com/ocgvbebg5dmn … 3.zip.html
- 1 statpoint to find/change the agility value;
- Functional brains.
First, open your MU game in windowed mode, then select a character. When minimized you should be able to open the Cheat Engine. Do this...

In the Cheat Engine, Click the top left button with the computer logo (if I'm correct this button is lined with a colour). Then find the "main.exe", probably at the bottom of the list.

Fill in the following fields:
Value: Your Agility stats (f.e. 2000, if you have 2000 Agility)
Scan Type: Exact value
Value type: 2 Bytes
Memory Scan Option: 32-bit
(All should be set like this or it won't work!)

When you're done filling out this fields, press "First Scan".

Now, go back to your MU game and add 1 statpoint at Agility, when you're done go back to the Cheat Engine.

Now the tricky part. Changing the content of Value field in the Cheat Engine.
put in the following fields:

Value: Your new Agility stats (if you had 2000, then you should now fill in 2001)
Scan Type: Exact value (Same as previous scan)
Value Type: 2 Bytes (Same as previous scan)
Memory Scan Option: 32-bit (Same as previous scan)

When you're done and checked everything, press "Next Scan".

If the Cheat Engine finds 1 value, double click it. This should move the value down to the list at the bottom of the Engine. (When the Cheat Engine didn't found anything, do the whole thing over again! Because that just a little mistake..)

If the value is listed in the bottom list, right click it (it will deploy a menu). Click on "Change Record" (this will deploy another menu), and then click on "Value".

Change this value to whatever you like (Max stat is the maximum, or else the game will bug). Now you hit faster, but you spend much more mana.

Instruction Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VR2_9wInxBE

Credits: Bas, Shad0w

Re: Agility Bug_Hack by using CheatEngine 5.3

Reupload pls