Topic: [AD] DieselMu Season 13 Episode 1-2 - X50 Opening 13th April

[size=24]GRAND OPENING 13TH APRIL![/size]
Server Informations[/size]
Version: Season 13 Episode 1-2
Files: IGCN Premium
Normal Experience: x50
Master Experience: x100
Event Experience: x100
Item drop: 60%
Maximal stats: 32000 (32k)
Maximal level: 920
Maximal master level: 520
Reset level: 400
Reset cost: 1kk* Zen
Reset rewards: 500 Free Points + 10 Gold Coins (Valid only on Web)
Spots everywhere, press TAB to open map (3-5 Mobs/Spot)
RUUD from Hearts, Medals, Golden/Silver Sealed Boxes, All map bosses and other Events
Chaos Castle +2, +3, +4 ,+5, +6, +7 Reward Ancient items
Blood Castle And Devil Square Has increased excellent item Drop
Guild Create from: 150 level
MuBot (MuHelper) from: 1 level
Offlevel and Offtrade System Enabled
Limited X Shop/And Limited Webshop (NO F.O Items)

[size=18]Server New Features[/size]
Archievment System / Wheel Of Fortune / Auction System / Lottery System
Market System ( sell items to other players )  / Starting Kit For Players / Promotion System

[size=18]Season 13 Features[/size]
Fourth character class, Fourth Class Quest System, Fourth Class Wings and Graded Options, Fourth Skill Tree & Tree Enhancement,
New Map Deep Dungeon and monsters, Guide Quest System, Items Division System, Mini-Game Jewelry Bingo, Favorite Warps List System,
Chaos Combination Simplified Material System, New Map Swamp of Darkness and monsters, Lord of Darkness Battle, New Mastery Equipment Awakening Soul.

[size=18]Season 13 Wings for the 4th Class [/size]
Angel wings = Soul Wizard
Devil Wings = Dragon Knight
Genius Wings = Noble ELf
Destruction Wings = Magic Knight
Control Wings = Empire
Lord Eternal Wings = Dimension Summoner
Judgment Cloak = Fist Blazer
Eternity Cloak = Shining Lancer

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[size=18]Ingame Screenshots[/size]

[size=18]Trailer Video[/size]