Topic: VillageMu Season 13

Hi all,

VillageMu Season 13 Launching January 26.

Registration is online for x450 Server !

Come and join race for resets, To kill Bosses , and loot best items in game first !

Server Info :

All Characters Has been balanced with PVP and PVE for 32k stat!

Server Version: Season 13 Episode 1
Normal Experience: 450x
Master Experience: 400x
Item Drop: 60%
Max Level: 920
Max Master Level: 520
/Offlevel system Active ! And It's Free For all !
No Item shop on website!
/offtrade in game for WCC
Reset Level: 400
Reset Cost: 1.5kk * Reset , Stats burns, Free stats: 500 , Reward 10WCC , Reset in website.
Create all characters from level 1
Spots in all maps , press TAB to see them 4-6mobs
Bonus Event normal level +200 Exp , Master Level +100 Exp , Item and Exc item drop +10%
RUUD From Hearts,Medals, Golden+Silver sealed boxes/All Map bosses and other Events!
New Jewel drop in all maps ! dark bless, dark soul, dark life, jewel of luck.
CC,BC,DS Have 2x Bonus exp! Thats 900 Exp in total !

BC Reward AA Weapons , and 12% for Exc AA Weapons + Blessed exc AA weapons.

CC +2, +3, +4 ,+5, +6, +7 Reward Ancient items

BC And DS Has increased Exc item Drop !

Chaos machine Rates :

Level +10 = 70%, Level +11= 65%, Level +12= 65%, Level +13= 60%, Level +14= 60%,Level +15= 55%,+Luck gives 20%

Jewel Rates :

Soul +luck: 90% , Without luck: 65% , Jewel of life: 75%

Mu Online Season 13 New Features

Fourth character evolution for all character class
Fourth class quest
Fourth Skill Tree Enchancements
5Lvl Wings
New map: Swamp of Darkness
New set items: Awakening Soul (Holy Angel items upgrade to Awakening Soul ancient items)
New Awakening Soul chaos combination mix
Enchancement fourth skill tree by debuff options
Items division system
Simplified material chaos combinations
Renewal of third Skill Tree
Deep Dungeon 1-5 maps and monsters
Changes to event entry levels
General UI improvements
MuHelper renewal
Favourite Warps selection
Guide Quest System
Jeweler Bingo Mini-Game
Removed special class warp benefits
And more...