Topic: [AD] GamsterMu Midrates | Highly Configured | No full-op items | S8E3

Greetings MUtizens,
I'd like to present to you the new GamsterMu project. Below you can find a brief presentation + a more detailed view.
Website: GamsterMU Home

*70x-200x Exp depending on number of resets, map and party.
*Reset takes away stats, gives 1500 points. GR gives 30.000 pints + gold coins. Max stats is 65.000
*Every new account gets Bronze VIP for 3 days.
*No full option items or sets/wings/weapons for money.
*No rules
*Highly configured PvP -> each class can kill and be killed by a respective 'nemesis
'*Hourly Invasions and in-game events
*Highly configured gameplay with hunting zones and events that give specific set parts/items
*Custom boxes: Seed Boxes that give random seeds. Socket item Boxes: Raklion doesn't drop socket items, but socket boxes that work like Kundun Boxes.
*Build your sets by fighting bosses like Nightmare for Sockets and DarkElfs for 380 items with 3opt.

Detailed view:

Newcomer's offer:

Every new account has Bronze VIP status for 3 days.
For groups of players (friends, guilds and so on) we have the following offer:

Groups of 5-7 players:
-Wings lvl1+9 for everybody
-30s/30b/30c/30life in total

Groups of 7+ players:
-Wings lvl1+9 for everybody
-30s/30b/30c/30life in total
-10 bok+4 and 5 bok+5 in total

How to get the special offer? Create a ticket on the website, under the NEWCOMERS OFFER tab, and provide relevant information about you and your group. Eg: nicknames, where do you come from (other server), guild name, and so on.

PvP System:

Each class counters two other classes and deals a bit of extra damage to a third class (will update the list shortly). This means that you can kill very easily your two victims, while still doing good damages versus the other classes. I will provide a video shortly!
Class | What it counters
PvP Configs (will change during gameplay, at palyer suggestion and future tests)

Maximum reflect value from items is at 45%
Sleep spell lasts 7 seconds
Summoner debuffs are at 30% (they decrease 30% of your attack and defense)
Reflect and ManaShield last minimum 60 seconds, and maximum 120 seconds.
Minimum Reflect and ManaShield values are at 10%
Maximum ManaShield value is at 60%
Maximum Reflect value with summ spell is 95%
Base elf heal is 18%, of HP, maximum (at 65k stats) is 36%
Greater Defense gives 15% minimum bonus, and 35% maximum bonus, and lasts 2 minutes
Greater Damage has the same values as Greater Defense
Swell Life will double your HP at it's maximum value. Minimum swell ammount is 15%. Lasts at least 60 seconds, and maximum 2 minutes.
Fire slash has a 30% defense reduction, and lasts for 45 seconds.
Critical DMG gives 30% chance. Basic duration in 1 min, maximum duration is 2 min
Stern will last for 7 seconds
Invisibility lasts for 75 seconds
Drain life is capped at 80%
SD recovery: min 20%, maximum 40% of total SD
Dragon slayer SD reduction : 50%
Ignore Def: minimum 5%, maximum 11%. Duration is from 60 to 120 seconds
Party heal: min 10%, maximum 23%
Bless duration: 2 minutes, gives Ene/120 stats
Blind lasts 7 seconds. Min value 10%, max value 20%.
Magic Howl: 50% chance to hit, 15.000 damage, 5 sec duration

Hunting zones

Vulcanus - Seed Spheres
Karutan 2 - Gold/Silver Key
Kanturu Relics - Gemstones
Kanturu Ruins 1,2,3 - Gold/Silver Box
Crywolf - Fenrir Items
Raklion - Red/Blue/Green Ribbon box (they drop socket items 3-5 slots with or without luck)

Boss drops and times:
Build your socket set by fighting bosses! Each boss drops 5 socket items

Selupan : Socket Boots and Pants (1 to 5 slots with/without luck) Once every 8 hours
Nightmare: Socket Gloves and Pants (1 to 5 slots with/without luck) Twice a day
Medusa : Socket Weapons and Shields (1 to 5 slots with/without luck) Twice a day
Balgass : Socket Helm and Gloves (1 to 5 slots with/without luck) Once every day
Darkelf (from Balgass event): 380 items with 3 options
Erohim (ONLY AVAILABLE IN LoT): Socket Armors (1 to 5 slots with/without luck) and 380 items
Kundun : Ancient Items and 380 items Twice a day.

Castle siege

Erohim (ONLY AVAILABLE IN LoT): Socket armors (1 to 5 slots with/without luck) and/or 380 items
All monsters are removed. When Erohim Spawns, the map will fill with normal mobs which give Gold coins when killed.
Friendlyfire is off
Time spend registering the seal adds up
Lose seal registered time if you lose a switch or if the countdown is interrupted.
Lose seal registered time for each second the GM spends outside Dragon Tower (Crown room).

PvP Arena:

PvP arena is a PK event which will be automatically held by the server.
There are several groups, depending on your level. The player with the most points at the end of the event will win.
You get 10 points per kill, and you lose 5 points per death.
PvP Arena will be held daily, from 20:00 GMT+2
1st place gets 130 credits.


Lunar Rabbits every 6 Hours in Dungeon 3, Atlans 1/2/3 and Tarkan 1/2 – 20 per each map - reward: 3 credits per kill
Pouch of Blessing every 3 Hours in Aida 1/2, Kanturu 1/2/3, Relics, Raklion, Karutan 1 and Karutan 2 -> 3 per each map - 95% zen drop, 5% seed box
White Wizard, 1 for each map - Devias, Lorencia and Noria - 20% chance of Seed Box
Skeleton King, 1 for each map - Noria and Lorencia - drops Star of Rebirth

Events and Rewards

Illusion temple
Chance to get Golden Fenrir
Silver/Gold Key
Silver/gold Box

BloodCastle and White Wizard
Box of Luck

Chaos Castle
Stack of 10 Jewel of Chaos
Gold Key
Devil Square
Coin Ticket
Silver Box

Star of Sacred Birth
Silver Box

Star of Sacred Birth
Gold box

Gives one random seed
Star of sacred birth:
Excellent Rings and Pendants

Golden Box:
Stack of 10 HRS
Stack of 10 Jewel of Harmony
A random Seed

Silver box:
A random Sphere
Stack of 10 Soul
Stack of 10 Gemstones

Box of luck:
Stack of 10 Jewel of Bless
Stack of 10 Jewel of Soul
Silver Key

GEMSTONE TO HAROMNY: Normal player: 25% VIP1,2,3: 30%,40%,50%
SEED CREATION RATE: Normal player: 50% VIP1,2,3: 60%, 70%,80%
SEED TO SPHERE RATE: Normal player: 60% VIP1,2,3: 70%, 80%,90%
HARMONY OPTION SUCCES: Normal player: 50% VIP1,2,3: 60%,70%,80%
ITEM TO HRS RATE: Normal player: 35% VIP1,2,3: 40%,45%,50%
HRS SUCCESS RATE: Normal player: 35% VIP1,2,3: 40%,45%,50%


ITEM +13: Normal player: 65%, VIP1,2,3 67%,69%, 71%
ITEM +14: Normal player: 58% VIP1,2,3 60%,62%,64%
ITEM +15: Normal player: 50% VIP1,2,3 52%,54%,56%
Fenrir upgrade rate (red to black or blue): 40% normal, 43% VIP 1, 47% VIP 2, 50% VIP 3.
Broken Horn: 70% 73% 75% 80%
Piece of Horn rate: 50% 53% 57% 60%
Purple op: Normal palyer: 20% VIP1,2,3: 30%,40%,50%