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New MuOnlineZ S8 Ep2

Web Site:

-Name: MuOnlineZ
-Version: Season 8 Episode 2
-Experience: 1500x
-Drop rate: 60%
-Monster HP: 100%
-Bless Bug: OFF
-WebShop: Yes
-MuShop: Yes
-Market System: Yes
-Points Per level: 5/7
-New Character obtain: 2.000.000 Zen
-Gens PvP System
-Luck Soul:60%
-Luck Life:50%
-PK Clear Method: From site
-Zen Required to Pk Clear: 150,000,000


-Reset Level: 400
-Zen Required Per Reset: 150.000.000
-Points Per Reset:200
-Credits Per Reset: 3
-Clear Inventory: No
-Clear Stats: Yes
-Maximal Stats: 65.000
-Maximal Resets: 2000

Grand Resets

-Grand Reset: Enabled
-Grand Reset Level: 400
-Reset Required: 2.000
-Zen Required Per Grand Reset: 1.500.000.000
-Clear Skill Tree: Yes
-Clear Inventory: Yes
-Clear Stats: Yes
-Points Per Grand Reset: 4.000
-Credits Per Grand Reset: 6.000
-Maximal Grand Reset: 999

New Features:

System Jeweldry of Pandora
Full Skill Tree First Master
Maps Acheron and Debenter
Snake Summoning Scrolls
Shops with jewels system trade

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