Topic: ImmortalMu Season 8 50x

Hello every one,
I'm here to inform you about a new server that got opened.
Version: Season 8
Stores: Medium (Watch the trailer)
Spots: Medium
Exp: 500
Drop: 70%
Points per level: 7

* DmNCMS Website - Beautiful Website !
* Credits system - Given you every our amount of credits (10 credits right now).
* No agility bug - Soul master can now attack with 32767 agi, and he will see his skill.
* Market System - In our website you can sell an item with amount credits that you want.
* Siege - Worked no bugs, worked perfect.
* Grand Resets - a new system that allowed you to trade 100 resets for alot of credits.

And much more ! Join us !



Waiting for you guys smile