Topic: Need Fore some sponsors for great MuOnline server

Hellow All We need your help to get biger and make the best muonline global server
To make this all We need 200 Eur if some one can help us and build the greatest muonline server ever please conntast us

Skype: tataxs1


Version: Season 6 Episode 4 + Season 7 + custom! (NEW)
Experience: 70x (Weekends extra exp: 30x)
Item & Zen Drop: 35% & 20% (Balanced drop in all maps!)
Max stats - level - skill tree: 32767 - 400lvl - 150lvl
Points per level: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
Reset: after reset -1% stats. Price - 5kk * reset. (NEW)
Grand reset: each reset new bonus. Price = GR * 10kkk(NEW)
Loren market: new shops, personal store allowed only here!. (NEW)
Events: all events & new events working 100% (NEW)
Shops: balanced for all players. No jewels & skills in shops! (NEW)
Item drop: new boxes and sets, balanced item and jewel drop! (NEW)
Devias: New & beautiful devias map + pk free ring. (NEW)
PK: allowed, after kill you get experience, PK item drop 5%. (NEW)
Gens: duprian map: lorencia, vanert map: noria & elbeland. PK free!
Quests: new & automatic quest system with good awards. (NEW)
GameMasters: active, helpful with great experience.

Website features:

New design & engine, referal system, vote reward, market(sell & auction systems), lotery & casino, item shop, web vault (for items and zen), reputation & soldier point system, warning system, premium panel (More grades, extra modules, discounts & bonuses), new rankings, statistics and other modules with more options. (NEW)