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Topic: Launcher System

Play4Free Team proudly to present new Launcher System

This LS developed for administrators of MMORPG gameplay servers.
1. support autoupdate server
2. support any game clients
3. support Mu/MuBlue client
4. support custom config file
5. support skins


For AutoUpdate you need webserver !
Ok lets start...
run LC.exe (launcher configuration)

Main Title - Launcher title name.
UpdSrv IP - Your IP address
Version - version for check between Launcher and Server
Title - Gameplay server name.
UpdSrv Port - Your opened port (default:5500)
ImageURL - you can change main image.
(example put your jpg file in new folder "img"
ImageURL: img/image.jpg
or put in main folder with Launcher.exe
ImageURL: image.jpg)
Console - your can set specified ip and port for connect to gameserver "-ip127.0.0.1 -port4777" or leave default "-ipIP -portPORT"
Client - choose MU (old) or MuBlue (new)
Game Name - what exe file will launcher run.

Now you should Save all your settings as data.p4f
Only this file read launcher ! And can be opened only with LC.exe
Ok client settings done, now second part: Update Server
Put your game client on webserver

Now run the UpdSrv.exe
Version:- the same with Launcher version.
Host:- your DNS or IP adress with game client folder adress.
Example: http:\\\gameclient\muonline\

Push Refresh and wait when scan finished, now your launcher ready for autoupdate, it will check valid md5 hash and size for each file !
Change Version and it will update all game client files.

Version: 0.2

LINK 1: Download
LINK 2: Download

UpdSrv (Update Server):
LINK 1: Download
LINK 2: Download

LC (Launcher Configs) :
LINK 1: Download
LINK 2: Download

Support:Click Here


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Re: Launcher System

why i cannot open the launcher,it closes immediately?..im using vista 64 thanks

Re: Launcher System

cuz first u have to edit 3_lc (config) .. read the guide

Re: Launcher System

New Link please